New site design!

Updated 2020-01-25 / Created 2020-01-25 / 145 words

It's slightly different now!

If you visit this frequently (why would you?) you may have noticed that since late last year there's been a page notifying you of service disruption and no actual content any more. This is because the old code used to generate the HTML files making up the site was a several-year-old and somewhat flaky Haskell program, and I've been meaning to replace it for a while, but finally got round to it recently after quite a while of just leaving the service disruption page up.

This new site design should be somewhat easier for me to work on, has some extra features I wanted, comes with a nice new style, and should still allow most of the features you're used to to work. The service worker for caching is much better (actually works properly now), so you can also use it offline to some extent!