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The J&J Vaccine at the FDA

The briefing documents are out at the FDA site for tomorrow’s hearing on the J&J vaccine. Here’s a summary at STAT from Matthew Herper and Helen Branswell, and I agree with their take: overall, the numbers look good. Update: here’s a good Twitter thre…

via In the Pipeline 24/02/2021
Engineer and Beauty Queen Xyla Foxlin sends an RTL-SDR and Miss America Crown to Space in a High Altitude Balloon

Xyla Foxlin is a Mechatronics engineer, entrepreneur, and beauty queen who amongst many other titles is also a STEM YouTuber. In her latest YouTube video Xyla sends her Miss America crown that she received as winner of Miss Greater Cleveland 2018 to space…

via 24/02/2021
A great alternative is rarely fatter than what it aims to replace

This is not always true, but in my experience, it tends to hold up. We often build or evaluate tools which aim to replace something kludgy^Wvenerable. Common examples include shells, programming languages, system utilities, and so on. Rust, Zig, etc, are tak…

via Drew DeVault's blog 21/02/2021
Valentines from the Oort

For me, Valentine’s Day doesn’t suck nearly as much as it used to. It greatly improved the moment I ditched the braindead corporate florists who would (for example) print onto the card not the poem I’d slaved over for days, but the fucking instructions to…

via No Moods, Ads or Cutesy Fucking Icons 14/02/2021
Deus Ex Ultimate Run walkthrough

Blog » Conditions for the ultimate Deus Ex run are: Do not carry or use inventory items. In particular: No weapons. No augmentations. No lockpicks or multitools. No skills upgrades. In particular: No hacking. Never use a door…

via Things Of Interest 06/02/2021

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