Other things you may like

Updated 17/11/2020

Created 11/06/2020

A nonexhaustive list of... content/media... which I like and which you may also be interested in as a visitor of my site.

I'm excluding music from this because music preferences seem to be even more varied between the people I interact with than other stuff. Obviously this is just stuff I like; you might not like it, which isn't really my concern - this list is primarily made to bring to people's attention stuff they might like but have not heard of.

Special mentions (i.e. "I haven't gotten around to reading these but they are well-reviewed and sound interesting") to:

If you want EPUB versions of the free web serial stuff here for your e-reader, there are tools to generate those, or you can contact me for a copy.

You can suggest other possibly-good stuff in the comments and I may add it to an extra section, and pointlessly complain there or by email if you don't like some of this. Please tell me if any links are dead.